Natural Latex Foam Mattresses: A Healthy Alternative to Memory Foam

Many latex cheap mattresses are trying to carve niches by pretending to be natural latex mattresses, but some of them are mostly made from synthetic rubber copolymer commonly known as SBR. Most synthetic latex use microbial contaminants or volatile organic compounds like formaldehyde that are toxic when released in closed quarters as vaporized pressures, which poses potential health risks over a period of exposure to the substances. They are easy to produce, thus easily sold among cheap mattresses.

All natural latex foams on the other hand are made from botanically-derived natural latex. Latex foams from Habitat furnishings were made using latex liquid produced from rubber trees in Sri-Lanka. A queen-sized 6-inch latex foam mattress is made from approximately 2500 rubber trees that yield 15 grams of liquid latex each day. Most mattress reviews about natural latex concur that the material used had extreme durability and high resiliency factors. Latex foams are likewise known to have anti-dust mite capabilities by nature. They are also known to resist molds and prevent bacteria build-up.

The product is enjoying high ratings in many mattress reviews. They are considered luxurious because the latex mattresses’ firmness is admirable Nem cao su   plus buoyancy is felt rather than the sinking feeling at the surface. The product has 9.3 satisfied ratings per 10 users on the average, which is very uncommon in the mattress industry. Although they are not considered to be cheap mattresses, the product’s durability and comfort compensate more than enough for their prices.

Here are few of the listed but important features of the product;

• Very durable- The product has 30 years life expectancy.

• Excellent IDF – Like the memory foam mattresses, natural latex foams have high Indention Deflection Force ratio that contributes well to the products’ firmness and their ability to retract in real time after the weight is lifted off them.

• Good Support – These mattresses spread the body weight evenly, holding the pressure points in exact proportions during sleep, which can be good for patients with orthopedic conditions.

• No unpleasant odor – The mattresses don’t contain properties that may cause them to release bad odor into the air common to other mattresses especially with memory foams.

• Long warranties – latex mattresses are known to offer long warranty periods. Natural-Habitat in particular, offers a 20 year warranty plus 180 days money back guarantee trial period.

• Hypo-Allergenic – Aside from the Fire-Retardant chemical doused to the mattress to conform to the United States Consumers Law, the mattresses are all natural. If you are asthmatic and not allergic to the chemical above then these mattresses are the safest to use.

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